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Affordable Prices for Small Businesses and Individuals


Your privacy and proprietary information is of upmost importance, so before talking to you about your project, we’ll be more than happy to sign a Confidentiality Agreement (also known as a Non-Disclosure Agreement), stating that personal and confidential information about you and your project will not be disclosed to anyone, most importantly to your competitors.

COST: Free!


The most important step is learning about you and/or your company to develop a solid understanding of your needs and goals, market niche and how you differentiate from your competition. Even if you already have a brand image, we want to learn about you so that the work we do will mesh with your brand. We’ll do this by defining:

  • Top goals of your project. For example, do you want to promote and sell products, market yourself to potential employers, advertise your services?
  • Target audience. Knowing and understanding your target audience is very important so that your design and style (colors, images, wording and layout) perfectly fit into the demographics.
  • Project concept. What is the personality or mood you want to portray? Do you want to generate excitement or tranquility, business or casual, conservative or trendy? What will your target audience insight be after viewing your website or project? What impression do you want to leave them with?
  • Creative Brief. After our brainstorming session we’ll prepare a brief of what was discussed to make sure we’re on the same page with the same vision going forward.

COST: Free!


A breakdown will be prepared of all the tasks and estimated hours required to complete your project. If the price doesn’t fall within your budget, we’ll figure out how to make it work. Cost varies greatly between projects depending on complexity and size, therefore the prices below are estimates.

  • Websites: Simple one or two page website such as a personal “About Me” online portfolio could cost $200 to $300, whereas a business website with e-commerce and member login could cost $1,200 and up. Animations, responsive web design, custom logos and graphics all need to be figured into the cost. Call for quote.
  • Custom graphics (logos, letterhead, etc): $25.00/hr.
  • Business cards: $25.00/hr for the design (approx. $100.00), plus printing cost at off-site printing company (approximately $65.00 per 500 cards).
  • Brochures, flyers, magazine ads: $50.00 per page, plus the cost of printing which varies depending on paper size, paper type, and whether the font and/or images are colored or black-and-white.
  • Custom artwork, greeting cards, holiday cards, invitations: $25.00/hr. Number of hours varies each project. Call for quote.
  • Model Comp Cards and Graduation Announcements: $100.00 per 50 cards.
  • Photo alterations and color adjustments: $25.00 per photo

If we underestimate the project and it takes longer than what was originally quoted, be assured that you will NOT be charged for additional hours, unless it’s an additional item outside the project scope that was not included in the original bid.

COST: Free!


Using the Creative Brief and information gathered from the Discovery Process, Sunset Fire Designs will create and present up to 3 unique design concepts (also known as design mockups or prototypes) for your review, comments, written approval or suggested revisions. Revisions are common in the design process, and the scope of work in the bid includes revisions. There are no additional charges for revisions, except for items added to the project scope that were not agreed upon in the original bid.

COST: A non-refundable payment of 25% down will be required before beginning the above Creative Design Process.


The necessary work will be performed (coding, graphics, etc.) to complete your project. The final product will be presented to you for review.

NOTE: You are responsible for proofing and providing written approval of all designs prior to production. The written approval releases Sunset Fire Designs of any and all liability in the case of errors of the final product, albeit typing errors, graphical errors, or other mistakes.

COST: Another payment of 50% down will be required before beginning the above Final Design Process.


Sunset Fire Designs will hand over all assets related to the project (code, graphics, images, color palette, fonts used, and any documentation relating to your project). This information will be copied to a thumb drive or DVD, whichever you prefer.

YAY! Your idea has come to fruition - a time to celebrate!

COST: Final payment of 25%


There are no monthly maintenance fees! Updates to your website can be performed on an as-needed basis at an agreed hourly rate, normally around $25 per hour. Most routine maintenance tasks such as updating photos and text normally take less than one hour.

If you have not registered your domain name and/or do not have a web hosting company, we will help you with that for free! We'll recommend a hosting plan based on your website needs. Hosting can cost as little as $2.00 per month at a reputable company, and up to $26.00+ per month for large websites that require extra storage for e-commerce and/or storing customer information.

COST: Free!

WARNING: There are web development companies that offer free hosting if you choose them to develop your website. Some impose advertising on your website to cover the costs. Please thoroughly research the company. Also, unless it’s a big company with a large server that can handle heavy traffic, the stability of their hosting services is questionable. Slow loading pages and server downtime are huge reasons you'll lose customers. Please see our FAQ and select the article, "Choosing a Web Hosting Company".

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